Vintage Candella – Soap Catalogue 2016


Dear Customers!

After a short break we are happy to present to You our fresh spring collection of hand-made soaps, where all combinations of colors and flavors have been thoroughly designed in the best traditions of the nature-friendly concept of our company, to satisfy Your taste.

In all our productions we strictly follow our traditional eco-friendly concept to maintain the reputation of our country as one of the cleanest countries in the world.

Our soaps have been made by hands in full compliance with EU standards and utmost care for nature and health of our customers, the designs represent the most popular trends in soap production, and unite both exotic and tropical flavors and aromas, as well as by scents and emotions of the Nordic hills and meadows.

All colorants are user-friendly and absolutely safe, all ingredients are perfectly balanced to make our soap simply one of the best.

Soap Catalogue 2016