We are creating candles. If you are an admirer of candles, then follow us…

We care about the health of our buyers

Aren’t you fed up with the cheap candles made of paraffin, which have filled up the shelves of all shops? Or the candles made by companies that are not professional, whose aim is to make as much money at your expense as possible. Probably, before meeting us, you hadn’t noticed a few things!

For instance, a candle made of paraffin – it is a loaded gun! If you want to inhale oil, when the paraffin candle is burning, go on buying these terrible and cheap candles. You think that it is good to save on your health and that of your children? We think that it is not. This is the reason, why we make our candles from 100% soy wax! Soy wax – it is absolutely natural! Soya beans undergo a range of processes before they become suitable for making candles. You probably didn’t know that, according to the standard, if at least 25% of a candle is made of soy wax – it is deemed to be a soy wax candle. And it is not important, that the remaining 75% contain stearin or what is even worse – paraffin. Unlike many other candle companies, which use only 25% of soy wax in production – we use it 100%! And we will always use 100% soy wax. We care about the health of our buyers.


Our mission – it is to create beauty and joy, instead of getting rich. We are not trying to reduce the cost of candles for us based on the poor quality and cheap raw materials, in order to get on the shelves of all shops as soon as possible. It is actually vice versa, we have the most expensive and the highest quality raw materials from the lead manufacturers of the world market.


The primary product line of our collection is vintage candles, which are definitely different from the candles of any other companies, working with the soy wax. The main product line of our collection is the vintage candles, which, of course, differ from the candles made by other companies, working with soy wax too. Our candles obviously look much brighter and more beautiful! Our candles are manually poured into a tin container and pasted over with a unique vintage label, which has its own historical fate. And, of course, the wooden wick! We use the wooden organic wicks. The wooden wicks – they are naturally grown, 100% organic products, which have never been processed chemically! When burning, candles with the wooden wicks produce a relaxing crackling and a pleasant aroma. The wooden wicks by VINTAGE CANDELLA – it is a 100% ecologically clean flame! We use the high quality premium class aromatic oils by the manufacturers, which are on top ten of the world leaders in manufacturing of perfume and aromatic oils. We have a quality certificate for every aroma, guaranteeing safety to our customers. The oil we are working with is used in manufacturing of perfumes and body lotions. This fact speaks for itself of the eco cleanliness of our candles.